Colorguard improves skills at Paradigm clinic


The beginner rifle class performs a routine they learned in the Paradigm camp. With over 20 different classes, Paradigm summer clinics allow all levels to perform.

Emily Cosio, Staff Reporter

On July 23, colorguard visited Oak Ridge High School for a Paradigm Summer Clinic. The team was able to improve their skills and encourage team bonding.

Four summer clinics are held to focus teams on training and technique. The instructors are the performers and staff of Paradigm. By holding these events, Paradigm is able to earn money for their non-profit organization. This money allows their team to go to competitions.

The members of the colorguard team chose classes in sabre, rifle, flag and dance movement. In each class, the students learned new tosses and small routines. Each class then performed their routine in front of other guards and coaches that attended.

“Paradigm is a great way to gain experience for guard,” senior Arianna Dickson said. “It’s nice to be taught by other coaches and to learn basics and routines in different ways.”

Paradigm Summer Clinics allowed the colorguard team to try new things and face challenges. Like any sport, being the best takes practice.

“For a returning vet it’s amazing to come back and tackle tougher classes and look back to see how much you’ve improved over the past year,” junior Elizabeth Morgan said.

With only 18 people in colorguard, becoming close is key to having fun practices and a good performance. Paradigm was an all day camp for the team to grow closer, especially with the six newest members.

Before colorguard participated in the Paradigm clinic, the team held a car wash to raise the money so that all members were able to attend.

“The most important skill needed, especially for new people like me, is patience because you’re never going to get anything the first few times you try it,” freshman Avery Leg said. “It’s something you really have to work toward.”