ICE awards inspiration


photo by JEACZ Productions (screenshot)

Senior Cameron Yap prepares to execute a marshmallow trickshot while kayaking in JEACZ Productions’ ICE award winning video, “Marshmallow Trickshots.”

Diego Sultan, Journalism 1

A girl goes to a party, she starts talking with some guys she does not know, one of them offers her a drink, and she wakes up finding she was roofied. At the ICE awards on April 27, Karli Scorpio and Lauren Wachter tried to recreate the confusion, pain and guilt a friend felt in that scenario.

Not only did Scorpio and Wachter win an ICE award for their video, but they were able to express the severity of a situation that many people feel will not happen to them.

“It’s common in high school and people do stuff they regret,” Wachter said. “Our goal was to capture this in 30 seconds, which is difficult.”

Another ICE award winner, Aiden Ryan, wanted to show the life of a blind man that he works with at Disney.

“It was just to tell his story and all his anger towards how blind people are treated in society and the obstacles in life that he overcame,” Ryan said.

However, not all of the themes at the ICE awards were as serious. With a group of his friends, Cameron Yap created an award winning video that replicated some themes of stunts, trick-shots and friendship that would be common in a Dude Perfect video. In the video, they threw marshmallows from building-tops, to people on kayaks, and to people on cars, and caught them in their mouths.

Riley Kane was in the group who won “Best Infomercial” by mimicking a “cheesy 80s” video teaching technology to older people.

KC Myers created an award winning video that displayed the school’s sports programs backed by a trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and he found this idea from clicking through the suggestion box on YouTube in his free time in his TV Production class.


“We ended up on an Alabama football video with the Star Wars movie trailer, just like ours, in the background,” Myers said. “I got goosebumps when I first saw it the first time.”

The ICE awards presented the opportunity for people to tell stories that are important to them, but it also allowed them to show their creativity.