Theater department announces next year’s productions


photo by Bailey Fisher

Seniors Melissa Corbin and Taylor Greyard perform alongside freshman Logan Reynolds in the spring musical, “Into the Woods.”

Nicole Assenmacher, Journalism 1

Three nights of music and acting. The catch: each one ends in a different way.

Based off the novel by Charles Dickens, the unfinished story of The Mystery of Edwin Drood has a unique twist. Each night of the musical, the audience gets to vote on a variety of endings based on how they think the show should end.

“We picked Drood because we have the voices to do it and it hasn’t been done at a high school level for many years, so I’m excited that the kids aren’t overly familiar with it,” theater director Trevor Southworth said. “It gives them a chance to do something new.”

This musical is also being entered for mainstage at the Florida State Thespian Festival next year, which is a major event for the cast and crew.

Every year one production can be submitted to be performed at the state level per school. The judges watch the musical and critique it. If they pick the show, it will be performed at the state level in March.

Considering the production’s Victorian London setting, Southworth will be holding accent workshops to help the cast pull off the various dialects featured in the show.

Southworth has also chosen A Midsummer Night’s Dream as the spring play, a Shakespeare piece based on the marriage of Theseus of Athens.

“We had done Shakespeare two years ago with Romeo and Juliet and I like to go back to the classics to make sure the kids have a good understanding of those classic plays,” Southworth said. “Most of the kids in Romeo and Juliet will have graduated, so the new crop of kids will get to experience Shakespeare in a whole new way while getting a lot of people involved.”

The spring play’s large cast will allow for more students, especially underclassmen, to get involved in the show’s production.

“I am looking forward to these productions and I know that Hagerty will do an outstanding job with them,” freshman Vangeli Tsompanidis said.