Freshman class supports Muscular Dystrophy Association

Jeannie Williams, Managing Editor

As spring break approaches, the freshman class is wrapping up the quarter with a good cause and a treat for those who help. On Thursday, March 17, students who participated in the freshman class’s fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association will get to leave class when the afternoon announcements come on.

Students can purchase a green shamrock for $1 or a gold shamrock for $5. In order to leave school early on March 17, students must purchase the $6 package which includes a gold shamrock and an MDA pin which must be worn for early dismissal.

“We hope that people will wear [their pins] once they buy them so that more people will see them and want to participate,” sponsor Yvette Rhode said.

Students’ names are written on the shamrocks, and the shamrocks are hung up on the cafeteria wall to display how much has been raised.

The first day of sales was Wednesday, March 10 and six packages were sold.  All proceeds go directly back to the MDA, which provides support for muscular dystrophy patients. Muscular dystrophy causes the weakening of muscles and can occur in people of all ages.

The fundraiser serves as the class’s required semester service project. Vice president Michael McNamara, whose middle school participated in the same fundraiser last year, introduced the idea.

“This is a great time to show your school and your community that you really want to help,” McNamara said.

Shamrocks will be sold at both lunches through the end of the quarter.