Spanish Honor Society spreads the love

Jeannie Williams, Managing Editor

Of all the Valentine’s Day traditions, Spanish Honor Society chooses flower-giving each year as its way to bring the spirit of the holiday to the school. From Monday, Feb. 8 to Friday, Feb. 12 the honor society held its Flor de Amor sale, selling fifty carnations and bringing joy to the student body in the process.

Carnations, also the symbol of Spanish Honor Society, were pre-ordered by students during lunch at a table in the cafeteria for delivery to their peers for $2 through Thursday. Included with the price of the carnation was a personalized note from the purchaser to the intended recipient.

Flowers were delivered through mid-block classes on Friday by the club’s officers. Students who purchased flowers on Friday did not get to have them delivered. Several students receiving flowers were absent so theirs were delivered the following Tuesday.

Senior Katie Chandler was one of the students given a carnation on Tuesday.

“I was really excited,” Chandler said. “I had no idea who it was from. I didn’t know I was even getting one until I saw it.”

The flower was a gift from Chandler’s friend, junior Lizzie Marvin. According to honor society president Madeline Ninno, the majority of carnation sales are from students who want to send them to their friends.

The sale is the honor society’s main fundraiser, and the money goes toward several events throughout the year including its homecoming float and prizes for the trivia competition it holds during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Beyond the sale, this year the honor society has been more involved with service. It held a food drive for HOPE in the Live Oak neighborhood in the fall and plans to hold another in the spring.

“A lot of members like [helping out] because they get to go out in the community, and I think it makes them proud to say that we’re Spanish Honor Society,” Ninno said.