Yearbook distribution begins


Yearbooks are here!

Tori Haun, Yearbook assistant editor

Yearbook Distribution information

 If you are a senior:

  • IF YOU PREORDERED, you can come pick up your book anytime Tuesday lunch or after.
  • Sales will start Tuesday after school for $85 (CASH ONLY), and will continue Wednesday before school, during lunches and after school.
  • THERE ARE ONLY 50 EXTRA BOOKS (until the second shipment comes in Friday)
  • We will have iTags (namestamps) on Wednesday and Spring Sports supplements on Friday
  • We will pass out iTags and spring sports supplements at practice graduation (Monday, 5/18), and we will be selling extra books at Backyard Bash

If you are an underclassman:

  • The second shipment of yearbooks arrives early Friday. The first shipment, via airplane, only brought enough for the seniors. (If you saw the bill, you would understand why.) That is why we cannot distribute until FRIDAY.
  • IF YOU PREORDERED, you can come pick up your book anytime Friday lunch and beyond.
  • Sales will start Monday before school for $85 (CASH ONLY), and will continue during lunches and after school until we run out. (We will have 200 extra with the second shipment, so we will not run out the first couple of days).


  • Extra signing pages are $3.
  • Plastic covers are $3.

Where is _________!? (insert spring sport name here)

  • The 20 page tip-in that covers all spring sports is coming with the second shipment of yearbooks on Friday. Anyone who ordered a book automatically gets a spring sports supplement. We will put it in for you if you like (it’s adhesive and permanent – be careful).
  • Seniors: You will get supplements at practice graduation on Monday.
  • Everyone else: You will get them with your book on Friday and beyond.

I got a namestamp and it’s not there?!

  • Namestamps this year will come in the form of iTags – permanent metal adhesives that will be here by Wednesday afternoon (May 13). Seniors can pick them up Wednesday afternoon or after – we will also have them at practice graduation and Backyard Bash. Everyone else should get them when they get the book.