P.A.L.S sponsors a walk for autism

Alex Grace, Staff Reporter

Youth P.A.L.S, a club which works exclusively students on the autism spectrum, sponsored its sixth annual “Walk for Autism” on Saturday, Feb. 14. The event aimed to fundraise for club activities, camp scholarships and supplies for local Autistic Spectrum Disorder classrooms.

“I have a cousin with autism, so it means a lot to me,” PALS member Christian O’Rourke said. “I like putting smiles on their faces, knowing I’m making a difference.”

With over 280 people attending the walk, over $4,500 was raised for the club. Activities including a bounce house, face painting, and hula hooping were set around the track. Other clubs and many local companies also showed up to show their support for the cause.

“The walk is our only fundraiser for the year [which shows] we are much more interested in making connections and improving the lives of many,” PALS sponsor Brit Taylor said.

This is done by taking them out to mini-golf and bowling with members of the organization. The PALS club provides a risk-free setting and works to improve the lives of kids who may not receive the same high school experience as most, by improving social skills and school life for students with autism.

“It makes you feel good because you are helping people but it also gives you a perspectives on how different people think and work,” PALS member Hudson Kauffman said.