Fashion club hosts goat fashion show at Alaska Farms


photo by Bryce Padilla

Fashion club members made bandanas for goats to showcase their fashion skills. This was their only event of the year.

While most would assume that Fashion Club would showcase their creations with models walking the runway during a traditional fashion show, club founder Emmalys Caamano had a different idea: 


After months of planning, the club held its goat fashion show on May 18 at the Alaska Farms in Orlando.

“I wanted a way for us to create clothes that could be worn with a unique and fun twist. Because I work at Alaska Farms, I thought it would be the perfect place to have this event,” Caamano said.

Originally wanting to create full outfits for the goats, the club had to pivot and make a plan that was feasible for the time they had left in the school year. 

“After talking to Alaska Farms, we decided that we could create bandanas for them to wear to [goat yoga] classes,” Caamano said. 

Using various types of scrap fabrics, patches, laces and hot glue, participants created their bandanas based on certain looks that fit with their individual styles.


The goats were from Alaska Farms, where Fashion Club president Emmalys Caamano works. The goats wore their bandanas to their goat yoga classes for the rest of the day. (photo by Misa Gibbs)

“I wanted to work with a certain aesthetic that could go well with the goats and experiment with different textures. Using specific materials is hard to do, so I wanted to teach others how to combine them the right way,” secretary and incoming president Misa Gibbs said.

Other club members took inspiration from fashion throughout the decades to include in their creations.

“It was interesting to see all of the different styles and choices that we made on our bandanas. I created a more vintage bandana because I am most inspired by the 70s and 80s fashion,” social media manager Arianna Medina said.

Ultimately the fashion show was successful, but the models were troublesome at times.

“The goats were annoyed with us and kept running from us. We had to grab them and quickly tie the bandana. Mine kept headbutting me when I held it and tried to pet it,” historian Bryce Padilla said.

Being a new club established this school year, Fashion Club’s only event was the goat fashion show. Next year, club leadership hopes to host a photo shoot and a fashion show with pieces made throughout the school year, as well as other potential events, in order to gain more members. 

“I’m very excited for what the incoming president, Misa, has planned for the club building on what we did this year,” Caamano said.

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