Sammys keep senior week fun flowing


photo by Francesca Salas

Seniors Andrew Bromme and Adrian Garces as well as other members of the basketball team performed during the Sammys. Their dance was choreographed to “Get’cha Head in the Game” from “High School Musical.”

With a full plate of events and celebrations, the fourth quarter is traditionally a time when seniors lose a little focus. For seniors Andrew Broome and Adrian Garces, co-hosts of Thursday’s Sammys, getting a little lost worked out.

“Andrew and I actually went to the wrong meeting and ended up trying out to be hosts for fun. Once we put time into preparing our scripts, we realized that it could be something we’d be good at,” Garces said.

Once Garces and Broome fully committed to the idea of hosting the Sammys, they auditioned in front of leadership with a prepared script.

“After we were chosen, we kept changing our script until it was the exact way we wanted it to be. We wanted to put on an entertaining show and make our class proud,” Garces said.

The Sammys have been a part of senior week festivities since its creation in 2010, named after the school’s inaugural principal Sam Momary. The event lasted an hour, covering coveted superlatives like Gym Rat or Best Dressed with about 250 seniors in the audience.

Students showed up decked out in their best semi-formal attire ready to take pictures on the red carpet before the event. When it was time for students to pack into the auditorium, a pre-show slideshow, organized by leadership, displayed photos of students all throughout high school, illustrating their changes throughout the years.

Every year, there are about 20-25 categories within the Sammys that get specifically chosen by the senior class SGA. This year, the “Most Likely Not to Leave Oviedo” category was removed last minute.  

The students that are the most frequently nominated become official nominees. In order to nominate their peers, students filled out a form, notating who they thought should win the categories.

“I feel like I got nominated for most artistic because I’m usually carrying a canvas around school for some art project I’m doing and people recognize me from that,” Most Artistic winner Christianne Anderson said.

Between award acceptances, students performed dances and played games with faculty. Specifically, Broome, Garces, and other members of the basketball team choreographed an elaborate routine to “Get’cha Head in the Game” from “High School Musical.”

“My friends and I’s dance was my favorite part. Even though I kept forgetting what moves to do, it was still really fun,” Broome said.

After winning, students accepted their trophies and gave acceptance speeches. Senior Austin Whitworth took a different approach, flexing his muscles after winning the Gym Rat category.

“After my name was announced for winning, I could barely believe it, and so many people were cheering. All of it just for really being myself,” Most Likely to Brighten Your Day winner Naseem Adgar said.

Up next for seniors is “A Night at Vegas” prom at Hard Rock Orlando this weekend.