I do not want to say “Good Riddance”


photo by Apple Music

Released Feb. 24, Gracie Abram’s first album “Good Riddance” has songs for everyone at every stage of a breakup. The album is available on Apple Music, Spotify and other music streaming services.

Gracie Abrams

As Gracie Abrams prepares to open for Taylor Swift during the “Eras Tour” and also headline for her own tour, she has just released her debut album on Feb. 24. Long awaited after her previous two EPs “Minor” and “This Is What It Feels Like,” Gracie used this album as a way to tell the story of the end of her relationship or how it is described on her website “a fractured relationship and all the confusion, frustration, and longing that come with it.”

The album is beautifully blended together making it feel like one big song. Her vocals perfectly convey what she is feeling in every lyric and makes it more and more captivating as you listen to it. In her song “Amelie” you can hear in the chorus that she sounds very concerned or like she is bargaining trying to figure out the question she is repeating: “where did you go Amelie?” The lyrics are layered in a way that gives an elegant almost ghostly sound which helps with the feeling that this is her reminiscing on a past relationship. 

Gracie said on her instagram “It’s difficult to imagine these songs living anywhere other than my most secret places… holding space for brutal honesty in songwriting is kind of the whole point,” which is very easily shown in the album. The songs feel deeply personal but still give a sense of relatability to the listener. In the song “I Should Hate You” she continues to be confused why she is stuck on them when she was the one who was treated badly, which many listeners might relate to.

Many of the songs have a similar feeling of an upbeat, almost yearning, feeling which is mostly felt in the drums. Only a few of them have a slow instrumental like in the song “Fault Line” which is entirely on guitar.

The storytelling of the lyrics in combination with the vocals, makes this album a good pick for anyone’s breakup playlist. With many upbeat aggressive songs and some slow ballads this album has songs for anyone dealing with the mourning of a past relationship.