Boys lacrosse opens holiday photo booth


photo by James Lopez

Boys lacrosse opens first holiday photo booth to raise money for their program. Many Hagerty students and families have used this opportunity to capture memories during the holidays.

Capitalizing on holiday spirit (and the exceedingly successful girls lacrosse pumpkin patch), the boys lacrosse team opened their first ever Husky Holiday Shots fundraiser. Open on Fridays 3-8 p.m, Saturdays 3-8 p.m. and Sundays 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., the booth is set up in front of the school, featuring eight unique backgrounds for families to enjoy while donating to the team. 

Looking for ways to raise money, the Mediavilla family, whose son plays for the team, came up with the idea to do a holiday photo booth following the girls lacrosse team’s pumpkin patch fundraiser. They spent about a week or two building and about three days setting up everything needed to open the booth. Many of the players on the team volunteer at the photo booth whether that be setting up, taking photos or asking families if they need help. Senior John Mediavilla spends a lot of time making sure that everything is perfect for when families come to enjoy themselves. 

“A bunch of people helped set it up, but there were about six families from the lacrosse team that primarily helped with the whole thing,” Mediavilla said. 

Every Friday before they open, volunteers make sure that everything is reset to its photo-worthy state. When the photobooth is not open, they do the best they can to keep backgrounds from getting damaged and little props from being stolen or lost. 

“We put things in the cheer and football trailer that could possibly get stolen or damaged, like the presents, and then we take them out before we open again,” Mediavilla said. “We also take tarps off the backgrounds and make sure everything looks photo ready.”

So far, the booth has made about three quarters of its goal amount of money. As it continues in future years, they hope to attract more attention, and with that more money. 

“I think this could definitely be something that continues next year. It will give the chance for more people to become aware of it and more money to be raised,” Mediavilla said.