‘The Watcher’ will keep you watching


photo by Netflix

Released Oct. 13, “The Watcher” is the new mystery on Netflix that is based on a true story. The show is full of drama and humor that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.


Mysterious events, creepy letters, plot curveballs and a pool of suspicious suspects – it is all in this fantastic show, “The Watcher,” by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan. “The Watcher” is a mystery thriller show starring Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watts that was released on Netflix Oct. 13. This terrific show is based on a true story and consists of seven thrilling episodes with a perfect mix of humorous, dramatic and nail-biting scenes. 

At the start of the show, the Brannock family visits the open house of their future home. They meet some neighbors that seem a little strange. But, they make an offer on the spot and move into their new home. They start to receive letters from an unknown person calling themselves, “The Watcher.” Neighbors and friends start to become more and more suspicious and with no help from the police, it is up to Dean and his private investigator to find out who their stalker is. The plot of the show really reels you in with the sudden twists of figuring out who “The Watcher” is. If you like mystery and true crime stories, then this show is the one for you.

The soundtrack of the show really adds suspense to the tense moments of the show. Some songs that stood out the most were, “Watcher Mania” and “Murder Suicide.” These songs have some creepy and dramatic tones in them which adds to the scenes that make you sit on the edge of your seat.

Another part that added to the show nicely was the acting from Bobby Cannavale (Dean Brannock), Margo Martindale (Mo) and many others. Dean’s aggressiveness and short tempered personality throughout the plot made him enemies with almost all the suspects and dug himself deeper into the mess. Mo’s creepy smiles and strange personality throughout the scenes she was involved in really makes the viewers think about if she is the stalker that is sending the letters. The superb acting really makes the viewers have to think hard to try to figure out who the letter-sending stalker is.

Overall, the great acting, captivating plot, and the mysterious vibe of the show brings it all together. This show should definitely have a ten out of ten rating, each episode makes you think a little more than the last while trying to solve the mystery. If you have Netflix and do not know what to watch, this show is the one for you.