A modern day saint

Jessica Jeffers, Opinions Editor

St. Vincent is a heartwarming movie that can bring tears to even the most emotionless of people . But it is a different kind of heartwarming, involving a drug deal, theft, a “lady of the night,” and even Melissa McCarthy.

The star studded main characters were the draw to the movie; McCarthy and Bill Murray made viewers assume that the movie would be hilarious. But do not let the main characters fool you; it’s actually a drama with slight comedic relief.

The movie debuted at the 2014 Toronto Film Festival where it won second runner up as People’s Choice for Best Film. It came to America in a limited release on Oct. 10, and hit Oviedo Regal Cinemas on Oct. 24.

St. Vincent defies expectations. Vincent is an ex-Vietnam soldier who smokes, gambles and drinks. He is not someone who you would expect to be the man he turns out to be. When new neighbors show up on the block, Vincent is the neighbor anyone would try to avoid.  When Oliver, the son of the neighbor, is locked out of his house after the first day of school, he knocks on Vincent’s door. This is the moment the unlikely crew starts their journeys. Vincent teaches Oliver to fight after being bullied and that there is goodness in every person.

Vincent touches on a lot of issues many people go through day to day, such as bullying, poverty and even death; which makes this movie of the year.

But this is not a family movie; but without excessive swearing, prostitution and even gambling, the movie would not have as much power. Vincent exemplifies that even in all the sin of the modern world, it’s possible to still have a good heart.

Overall, the movie is a top favorite. Although it only took second place in Toronto, it will take first place in many viewers hearts.