Halloween finally ends


photo by Universal Pictures

Like many other follow-ups to well-known movie series, “Halloween Ends” disappointed fans due to the many questions it left unanswered.

Released in theaters on Oct. 14, “Halloween Ends” closes the “Halloween” franchise a year after “Halloween Kills” built up high expectations for “Halloween” fans. However, like most follow-up films, “Halloween Ends” did not even come close to the original’s success. 

Jamie Lee Curtis comes back to play Laurie and does a great job acting out her part. Laurie’s personality remained the same with a stronger persona. The actors themselves acted out the scenes as expected and that contributed to some of the few good parts in the movie. However, the plot felt random. 

While the film is supposed to wrap up a series, the writers added a new character named Corey (Rohan Campbell) who made it seem like there would be more to the plot. If they planned on making a new series with Corey and spent more time adding details, there would have definitely been more potential for his character.

However, in this case, his character felt out of place. The whole “love” plot between Corey and Allyson (Andi Matichak) lacked chemistry and came out of nowhere. They had made big plans together after only a few days of knowing each other and he completely turned her against Laurie even though Allyson had not grown to trust him yet.

The movie would have been much more enjoyable with a better plot. The whole thing felt splotchy and rushed. Many impulsive and random decisions were made by Allyson and Corey and it made the movie more confusing than it had to be. It was easy to tell where the writers were trying to lead the movie, but it completely failed to connect to the other movies.

At least watching it in theaters made the movie more enjoyable because of the jumpscares on the big screen. The sound effects and special effects regarding gore and fighting were generally good, as well as the setting of the movie, but when the movie is released on streaming services, these things that made the movie better will be less noticeable, if at all.

Audiences go into the movie expecting a feeling of nostalgia from the other movies, but it is ultimately a let down. While the old characters and the setting pulled the movies together, this movie felt disconnected and different because of the choices made by characters like Allyson.

The movie left me with many questions, and a lot of the scenes never connected, so there were numerous evident plot holes or unrealistic moments. Unrealistic things are expected in movies like this, but Corey had been caught and exposed for many things, but never faced any consequences. He also had a very confusing interaction with Michael Myers that could easily distort the viewer’s idea of Michael and his whole “legacy”. 

Considering that this was made to end the “Halloween” movies, there were many things that could have been changed to focus more on Michael’s ending and Laurie’s revenge, less on Corey and Allyson.