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The gym craze

the restart of an old habit

When the pandemic began, gyms began to shut down in fear of the spread of COVID. Many people struggled to find a place to work out, so instead they turned to social media taking part in workout routines and makeshift home gyms. Now, as pandemic fears are decreasing, teens are finding their way back to the gym. 

People head to the gym for a number of reasons. Some go for sports, some go to get in shape, and others just go for something to do. 

“Every day last year I just started going [to the gym]. I really had nothing to do after basketball. People always go to parties, but I just wanted to get better at basketball and then that transformed into, let me start a fitness page and show my transformation,” gym fanatic Austin Whitworth said. 

A wide variety of gyms are available around Oviedo for teens to take advantage of. Below are some of the most popular among students and teens in the area. 

CrossFit Oviedo
The Zoo Health Club
Planet Fitness
Riverside Fitness
Crunch Fitness
LA Fitness

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