Homecoming plans announced


photo by Leadership

The theme was announced via Instagram for students to see on Sept. 6.

The theme for homecoming was announced on Tuesday, Sept. 6 and the dress up days followed one day after. This year’s theme is “Party Rock Anthem,” which is a popular song from 2011 by electronic dance music duo LMFAO, and dress up days are as follows: 

Monday is “Wildest Dreams” where students will wear their favorite pajamas, Tuesday is “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” vs “Dirt on My Boots” where students wear their western or rock n’ roll inspired attire, Wednesday is “All Star” in which people can wear their favorite sports attire, Thursday is “Neon Lights” where students wear their neon homecoming shirts and Friday is “Who Let the Dogs Out” where students wear their different assigned class colors. Seniors will wear black, juniors will wear blue, sophomores will wear gray and freshmen will wear white.

According to class of 2025 sponsor and English teacher Sarah Bearss, the Leadership class forms proposals and different themes then submits them to administration for approval.

While there were other contenders for the theme, the current one was ultimately chosen.  Other contenders will possibly be used for winter week or prom. The theme of the dance received some mixed reviews from the student body.

“I feel like it could be better because it’s just literally saying homecoming [theme] is practically just a party, which it is, but they could have added more work on that,” senior Jordan Rivera said. “Depending on how much I relate to [the dress up days, I will dress up].

Those in leadership positions feel thrilled for the future of the event and the week leading up to it.

“We’ve had some positive feedback from kids and usually it’s fairly quiet when we do any sort of drop like this just because you know, kids kind of get it,” said Bearss.

Homecoming week is to start on Oct. 17 with the football game on Friday, and the dance the following day. Tickets are set to go on sale in the following weeks.