Forever: the best show to kill the main character

Jessica Ritchie, Staff Reporter

The new show “Forever” on ABC takes killing the main character to an extreme. The show is about lead character Dr. Henry Morgan, working in the New York City morgue. But he has a secret- he cannot die. Morgan goes through his 200-year life span in New York trying to figure out why he cannot die and solving homicides. Oh the irony.

The show has the deductive reasoning of Sherlock, the dead bodies of Bones and the history of Sleepy Hollow. Of course the plot is not completely original, but it is done in a way that the viewer is kept guessing as to the motive behind the crime.

The most famous actor is Judd Hirsch from “Independence Day” and “Numb3rs,” while the lead is played by Ioan Gruffudd from “Fantastic Four.” While the actors are not household names, they are quality performers

Unlike shows that take half the season to stop the one episode plot, “Forever” starts the groundwork in episode one. While the first half of season one normally is spent on building character development, “Forever” starts off keeping viewers glued to the screen. Each episode starts with a monologue by Morgan, who explains his condition to the extent of his knowledge, putting the viewer on the same level as the characters.

In the first episode the audience learns a lot about Morgan’s history: he was on his way to the American colonies before he was thrown overboard. which curses him to live forever. Morgan was also a doctor in World War II, Morgan meets his future wife and an orphaned Jewish baby who he takes in as his own. The writers of “Forever” filled the first episode with background information to keep the suspense and the viewers.

“Forever” mixes different genres but still keeps its plot original. Normally I hate it when writers kill off characters, but on “Forever”, the main character can be killed multiple times every episode and it keeps the views coming back for more.