You should watch what you say


photo by imdb

Released March 19, “The Girl From Plainville” follows the case of Michelle Carter (Elle Fanning) and her involvement in Conrad “Coco” Roy’s (Colton Ryan) suicide.


“I told him to get back in.” 

Seven simple words that changed the life of  Michelle Carter (Elle Fanning). Her phone gets taken by detectives, her friends are not allowed to talk to her, and everyone swears she is a killer. 

On March 29, Hulu released the first episode of their new series “The Girl From Plainville.” The show follows 17-year old Carter’s relationship with Conrad “Coco” Roy III (Colton Ryan) and how she was suspected and charged with coercing Roy into committing suicide via text. 

Considering the twisted events that occur, the acting in “The Girl From Plainville” was a strength of the show, especially Fanning’s. Considering Fanning played the role of someone convicted of involuntary manslaughter, she perfectly embodied every twisted and emotional aspect of her character. 

The show is based on real events, but it adds certain details to create a dramatic effect and to make the series more enticing to viewers. At the beginning of each episode, a small pop up appears saying certain moments are fictionalized for drama and should not reflect upon any real people. While the show’s purpose was to tell Carter’s story and explain what happened, the added drama made it more interesting instead of just making it fact after fact. This kept it from being a straight documentary, instead making it more of a dramatic true crime.

Unfortunately, some of the added drama turned out to be a little too cheesy. For example, when Carter was either singing in front of a mirror or randomly dancing in the street seemed pointless and distracted from the actual point of the series, that being her relationship with Roy and her connection to his death. 

Although there is added drama, the series still does a good job at keeping the actual facts of what happened present. The show keeps things like the text exchanges between Carter and Roy the same, which is a major piece of the real story. 

Unlike Carter, people  should take time and think about what they say, but when it comes to this show you should not wait to watch it. Episode six of the eight episode series  will be released April 19 on Hulu.