Once upon a time this show was good

Jessica Ritchie, Staff Reporter

ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” has jumped on the Frozen bandwagon by dedicating a whole season to Elsa. A show that was meant to be about fairy tales in a modern town has turned into a bad fan fiction. Just because Disney owns ABC does not mean that ABC should not thrust Frozen back into views homes.

The show picks up where the movie left off, but with no direction. Writers were so focused on bringing in Frozen that they did not care about creating a plot and thought that the novelty of Frozen would bring in ratings, which it did not. The show has been repeating the same plot for three years, it is time for some closure.

Writers made a whole season based off of a movie made for the six-year-old demographic. Six year olds should not be watching a show that is intended for 20 year-olds.

The show stole the same abominable snowman to protect Elsa used in the movie. The graphics are exactly the same and even if it is the same company, it feels like ABC should get sued for plagiarism. The show tried to intertwine elements for the movie into the show, but if it’s not Olaf, I don’t care. The snow and ice on the show looks cheap, like spray foam painted robin’s egg blue. Cliché does not even begin to describe it.

Last season the show focused on “Wicked,” but they took away the whole story. Is it so hard to create a new character? Or maybe even the show could create a new plotline instead of repeating the same story season after season. “Once Upon a Time,” used to be one of the best shows, but they are going down a path that is getting away from the original plot.