Plus size

Katie Curley, HJO Managing Editor

The first telephones were brick shaped contraptions with a small screen and only number buttons; sorry hipsters and Angry Bird fans; no touchscreen, no apps and no online Starbucks coupons. Cell phone sizes are shrinking as companies come up with more modern and efficient technologies, but this trend has broken with the newest iPhone release, the 6 and 6 plus.

These sophisticated pieces of technology are not brick like in structure and have flashy touchscreens, as they are no brick Nokias. The 6 and 6 plus are outfitted in a new thinner body, upgraded camera and HD display to fill the large screen space.

The biggest difference between the iPhone 6 and other iPhone generations are the screen and camera quality, along with the obvious size difference. Most seem to enjoy the new iPhones and accompanied features.

“I really love the bigger screen and finger print scanner,” senior Sabrina Leverrett said. “I had the iPhone 4 before, this is super-fast and completely different than before.”

Another senior, Kay Hammack, got an iPhone 6 just a few days after its release in mid-September, and while the cell phone does not fit too comfortably in her pocket, she still enjoys the upgraded technology and body of her new phone.

The biggest problem with the new phones are the accompanying operating system, iOS 8. Most of the complaints come from the “suggested” text bar which randomly capitalizes words and the difficulty in downloading the update, as it takes a lot of storage.

“iOS 8 makes things easier and more accessible, although it autocorrects incorrectly,” Hammack said.

However, iOS 8 comes with a lot of popular apps and features. According to Laptop, the top features seem to be easier access of notifications, more responsive Siri and updated camera traits like the time lapse camera.

For the most part, people seem to be enjoying the new iPhone hype. According to Apple, in just six hours, over 2 million reservations of the iPhone 6 were secured. Hipsters and Angry Birds fans alike are well satisfied with Apple’s new inventions which allow for more app space and better quality Starbucks posts on Instagram.