Seniors win powderpuff game 17-7


photo by Shannon Hahn

On Wednesday Nov. 3 the seniors won the powderpuff game against the juniors 17-7.

During the fourth quarter of the powderpuff game, senior Molly McGrath scored the game winning touchdown for her team. Throughout most of the night, the seniors managed to maintain a lead over the juniors.

Powderpuff, a flag football game in which the junior and senior girls face each other, is one of the biggest events students look forward to during homecoming week. On Wednesday, Nov. 3, these two grades did just that with the seniors pulling out a win towards the end of the game with a final score of 17-7. 

Weeks before the game, the junior and senior girls practiced twice a week every week leading up to the game. During practice, they ran through plays and got to know their teammates. 

The juniors scored the first touchdown of the game during the first quarter. The game was close until McGrath scored. 

“When we tied up with the juniors, I think we kind of just came together and [it] was like, we need to score,” McGrath said.


The cheerleaders did not need as much time to prepare but they still took the time to learn the different cheers and their half time performance. Cheer coach Elaine Sayre said a lot of the boys’ preparation was made up of stunt work.

“We had to practice the stunts a lot because they didn’t know how to lift up a person. They didn’t know how to catch the flyer. The flyer didn’t know how to do their job,” Sayre said. 

Sayre also explained the challenge of deciding what to do in case someone did not show up to practice or the actual game. Deciding how many people were needed for a base and teaching everyone how to cheer properly was what made up the majority of practices.

“The crowd may have been watching the cheerleaders a little more than the football players, but they were there for entertainment and I think they did well,” Sayre said.

Participating in powderpuff changed both the players and cheerleaders perspective on both sports. Everyone admitted that it was harder than they initially thought and gave credit to the athletes. 

“[Cheer is] pretty difficult. I’ll be honest, you’ve got to be really coordinated,” junior Cameron Jorgenson said.

Following the game-winning touchdown, the cheerleaders ran across the field and all of the seniors celebrated their win. Both cheerleaders and football players admitted that the game was a lot of fun and being with their peers during homecoming week was worth it.

“Even though the juniors lost, we all came together at the end and we still celebrated just because it’s for fun,” junior Mallory Precord said.