Poppin’ Off: ‘Devious licks’ versus ‘angelic yields’


photo by Caitlyn Hale

The “devious licks” trend is harmful and unfunny. Its opposite, “angelic yields,” is much funnier and won’t end you up in the principal’s office.

You go to glance at the clock in class, but for some reason, it is not there. Later, you go to use the restroom, only to find that the soap dispenser has been ripped off the wall. Walking back to class, you see your peer trying to fit a basketball hoop into his backpack. The one and only cause for this stupidity is the TikTok trend, devious licks.

Devious licks entails students stealing random things from around their school campus—usually the bathrooms—including anything from pencils to toilet paper to entire scoreboards. The trend was funny at first, given that the items being messed with were insignificant, like boxes of crayons.  But, of course, it escalated quickly, and the newest part of the trend is criminal charges, which has even happened at our school.

Custodians have replaced over 20 soap dispensers this year alone. Do we really want people walking around with dirty hands after using a high school bathroom? The comedians participating in devious licks probably want social media validation, and then complain when there are consequences to their actions. To put it simply: if you do not want to get in trouble, then do not participate. It is not rocket science.

Better than the devious licks trend is its exact opposite: angelic yields. People will bring random stuff from their house, such as shampoo and pillows, and put them around the school. Seeing a sofa in the middle of the hallway is significantly funnier than not having stall doors in the bathroom—though it may land you in detention. Devious licks are far more popular on social media, but users have expressed greater approval for angelic yields, saying that they are both wholesome and funny.

One way or another, everyone will stop participating in devious licks, whether it’s by free will or being arrested. If you desperately want to be funny, consider an angelic yield—just leave your couch at home.