3D Art symbolizes social issues with plastic people


photo by Karson Cuozzo

AP 3D art projects around campus are based on social issues at Hagerty. This person represents racial inequality.

You walk into the front office and look to your right, where you see a person with a clear box for half of their body sitting on a bench.

The person is a plastic art project, one of seven placed around campus, with each person based off of a different social issue that the AP 3D art students think students experience everyday. 

This art project was inspired by Antony Gormley, a famous British sculptor who is known for creating human forms of art. The purpose of this project was to have students work together to create a person based off of social issues that students struggle with. 

The students came up with their own themes: bullying, race, global warming, and the most common topic, depression. 

Our person represents suicide awareness, because a lot of the students at the school have either thought about attempted suicide or have depression,” junior Gwen Shaw said. 

Shaw and her group placed their person hanging off the railing on building 6, but the administration made them take it down because it was not appropriate. 

I was very angry about them taking down our person,” said Shaw. “I think because of the mental climate is why we should put it up, because it shows why it’s necessary.”

Sophomore Mackenzie Adams and her group also chose to represent depression and anxiety. 

“My group just felt that depression and dark thoughts trapped in your head was a good topic to represent,” said Adams. 

The group represented depression and dark thoughts by painting their person dark colors  and putting him in a dark, secluded place on campus. They named their person “Cage of thoughts”

“It’s like being trapped in your thoughts, like you can’t get out of your head,” Adams said. 

Overall the main goal of this project was to have students represent the school’s biggest social issues by using “body art” 

“I think this project helped students learn about the importance of social issues by bringing attention to social issues that Hagerty deals with daily,” AP 3D art teacher Lisa Smith said.