FSA retakes a requirement, for now


As juniors and seniors begin their year, FSA testing has already started. Retakes will be available throughout the year.

Only 13 states require standardized tests for graduation, and in Florida, passing the FSA Reading and Writing  along with other EOC exams is a requirement to graduate high school. Sept. 15-17 was the first scheduled retake of the FSA Reading and Writing exam, only six weeks into the school year. There will be other opportunities to retake the exam for juniors and seniors. However, some new students feel unprepared.

“Students here have been taught certain writing techniques that they needed to use for it, that I’ve never learned,” junior Aries Deloy said, “and I believe my writing is not going to do too well because of it.”

COVID impacted a lot of students’ FSA exams, so many students had to take the FSA again this year. Students were told only a few days in advance their testing date and location, most did not even know until the day before. This left students very little time to prepare for taking the exam. Despite the short time constraint, Florida’s Department of Education reports that 54% of students pass the FSA Reading and Writing on their first attempt.

FSA ELA retakes are available twice a year: September and February/March.  EOC retakes are available four times per year: September, December, February/March and July. Students also have access to multiple assessments that can be used to meet FSA/EOC related graduation requirements,” Seminole County Testing Director Kelly Thompson said. 

The Seminole County School Board works directly with the state’s Department of Education to select dates for the testing dates throughout the year. However, Gov. Ron DeSantis recently announced that FSA testing will no longer be required to graduate from Florida high schools after this school year. 

The School Board has been having conversations with our legislators in Tallahassee for years, to do away with standardized testing. We believe that the SAT and ACT should be acceptable and these two tests are requested and accepted by colleges. The FSA is not required for higher education,” Seminole County School Board Chairman Karen Almond said.

The FSA differs greatly from the SAT/ACT that most colleges require for admission. However, passing the FSA is still required to graduate this year.