New student government steps into office


photo by Emily McCluskey

One of the many posters Hannah Martin, who ran for vice president, posted around the school. Candidates for student government put posters throughout the school to get their name out there for votes.

A new school year marks the start of elections for new student government officials. The student government elections for this school year took place Sept. 7-8 through students’ eCampus pages. 

The new positions that were announced consisted of a class president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, historian and senators. Student government sponsor Kari Miller announced winners for class president on Sept. 9 through eCampus. 

For students that were interested in running for a position, all the information they needed could be found where voting took place. Resources included the when and where about the Informational meeting, voting, and names of new officers. 

“We created a quiz and posted that on eCampus, then students could vote for their grade level,” Kari Miller said. “It worked very well…[and] we had a great turnout with that.” 

Due to the success of announcements and voting, Miller looks to continue the process through eCampus for future elections. 

The campaigning process had many different approaches to it. While some students did not run against an opponent, those that did used methods such as social media, posters and video segments of Woof TV to get their voices out there. 

“I was mainly on social media and did a lot of social media posts, [but] I [also] did a speech that was on the news and I put up some posters around school,” sophomore vice president Meagan O’Donnell said. 

With the officers election through eCampus completed and positions now filled, members of student government will start their new responsibilities.

“Each grade level has different priorities, different events, [and] different tasks that they want to accomplish,” Miller said. 

Along with different grade level responsibilities, each officer will have separate tasks that they work on and oversee so that when they have meetings they can decide how to create the most successful school year. 

“Specifically, I plan the meetings and then at the meetings we talk about certain fundraisers we’re doing and community service projects we’re doing throughout each semester,” newly elected sophomore president Ainsley Pomp said. 

Despite planning for different events and having other priorities, all members of the newly elected student government end up coming together, working towards being a voice for others in their grade level. 

“It’s important to listen to everyone, and [know] we are all a community and have an important part in this school,” O’Donnell said.