Putting the spirit in school


The dance team, accompanied by the varsity cheer team and marching band, preformed during both lunches last Friday to kick off the first game of the football season. Students crowded around, excited as they preformed.

After a year where the best events were all canceled, altered or downsized, school leaders are looking toward school spirit to help students get excited about the year. Last year was not the best in terms of spirit, so this year, teachers and staff are hoping to get back into the groove. 

This year, pep rallies and the student section will make a more frequent and normal return. Not only are students excited about this return, but so are the staff.

“The pep rallies this year will most likely be outside. Right now only 50% capacity can be inside but if that changes, then we would be able to entertain, maybe coming back indoors,” athletic director Jay Getty said. 

The first big pep rally is scheduled to start in October and try to continue every Friday during football season after that. With performances from cheerleaders and band, activities and class games. 

Pep rallies help bring people to the games and become more involved with the school. It also gives you a break from school everyday and gives students something to look forward to,” sophomore Ashley Pauls said. 

Since football season began, many students look forward to the games, especially because the student section has made a return. 

The student section is notorious for its loud crowd and activities. All students are able to enjoy the game in the rowdy crowd. Themed games, signs and loud chants all are what make up the student section. 

“Well, it just gets all the students involved in the games. Every team plays better when they have their fans behind them,” senior Dylan Post, the leader of the student section, said.

With pep rallies and the student section back to normal, students are excited to go to games and support the team.