Slandering his name

Grammy Award winning artist Lil Nas X releases MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name).

photo by Lil Nas X

Grammy Award winning artist Lil Nas X releases “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name).”

Lil Nas X

Sliding down a stripper pole to hell sounds like a fun way to spend your Thursday afternoon, right? Popular rap artist and Grammy Award winner Lil Nas X did just that in his song “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name).” The music video has outraged millions, with claims that the visuals are blasphemous and inappropriate for children.

The song itself is catchy and hard to keep out of your head, keeping up Lil Nas X’s steady streak of hits. The song is controversial because of the meaning behind the lyrics and the “biblical symbolism” within the video. As a gay man, Lil Nas X took this video as an opportunity to confront his own internalized homophobia. Many say that this video is him accepting and loving himself for who he is, and reclaiming his confidence. 

Lil Nas X’s openness and vulnerability concerning his sexuality means so much to LGBTQ+ youth who are struggling with the same and ostracization from society, and those who call their “lifestyle” a “sin.” 

The fact that The Weeknd won a Kids Choice Award for a song about doing cocaine shows that the problem people see with the video is not his music. The problem is that Lil Nas X is gay and is poking holes in a religion that has oppressed him. People are quick to defend their religion when they should just enjoy a fun music video. His music is not even targeted at children, and upset parents truly have no right to be upset. It is his music and he is entitled to creative freedom.

Despite the controversy concerning the music video, “MONTERO” will likely be the No. 1 track on the Hot 100, and rightfully so. The music video itself is impressive, and likely cost him a lot of money and resources to pull together. Plus, think about how much time he spent learning pole dancing. Respect.