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Edible chickpea cookie dough

From the beginning, I knew this recipe was not going to be great. It was not practical and  I did not understand how you would get the satisfaction of cookie dough with two teaspoons of maple syrup to sweeten it. It was really hard to make because before I even started the video, I had to individually peel the chickpea skins to make sure I did not have salty strands in my dough. In order to get the recipe even close to the consistency of dough, I had to add extra milk and peanut butter, and even after that it almost wrecked my blender the mixture was so dry. Once I finally got the dough where I wanted it, It tasted like mushy chickpeas and chocolate. Do not waste your time with this recipe. 

Difficulty: Hard 

Rating: 0/10

Is it worth a trip to the grocery store: No


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