Blu DeTiger : “How Did We Get Here”


Rising artist Blu DeTiger releases her first studio album “How Did We Get Here.”

Blu DeTiger

When up-and-coming bass guitarist Blu DeTiger released her first single “Figure It Out,” the song immediately became a viral sound on TikTok. Countless supporters began to wonder when she would release a full album. Their prayers were finally answered on March 5 when DeTiger released her first studio album “How Did We Get Here.”

The album has an overall upbeat sound, comprised of songs with a jazzy beat and catchy lyrics. The songs “Vintage” and “Cotton Candy Lemonade” are especially relaxing to listen to, with both featuring lots of bass riffs. “Toast with the Butter,” “Kinda Miss You,” and “Night Shade” are best for the rainy day blues.

The only part of “How Did We Get Here” that falls short is that a majority of the songs sound too similar. Of course, this is a common thread in most pop music, and is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it makes for a smoother transition between songs, and is good for her romantic and fast-paced storytelling. 

From the instrumental solos to the album art, “How Did We Get Here” will definitely keep you from getting bored while listening. Needless to say, Blu DeTiger’s career is just getting started, and chances are she will become exceedingly popular in the pop and R&B genre.