New physics teacher replaces Adams

Sarah Gibson , Staff Reporter

After 22 years of teaching elsewhere, physics teacher Darlene DePalma found a new home here in the science department. Replacing previous physics teacher Christopher Adams, DePalma will be teaching both Honors Physics and AP Physics C.

“Mr. Adams was a wonderful teacher and colleague and will certainly be missed, but having an experienced physics teacher, Dr. DePalma, join our team was a blessing,” physics teacher Sarah Zietlow said.

After moving from Syracuse, N.Y. to Florida in 1984, DePalma attended FIT, earning her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Science and Physics Education. She then attended UCF and earned her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction.

DePalma began her teaching career at Melbourne High School, where she taught for eight years, and later taught at Winter Springs High School for 14 years. DePalma has not always taught Honors and AP, however. She has taught everything from AP Physics B, standard physics, math classes, chemistry and Integrated Science.

Switching schools does leave room for some confusion, especially when dealing with a block schedule.

“At Winter Springs there were only two block days a week so it takes some getting used to,” DePalma said. “It’s been rough adjusting to the bell schedule, but overall I love it here.”

Regardless of the bell schedule confusion, DePalma admits that the adjustment to her new environment has been pretty easy.

“Although it has only been a few weeks, she has been easy to work with and I look forward to collaborating with her more throughout the year,” Zietlow said. “It’s nice to have another female in the physics department.”