Guardians of Marvel’s legacy


Ben Sorkin, Design Editor

Marvel’s The Guardians of the Galaxy is a superb film. It defies the bland tale of super-hero groups saving the universe with more comedy and action than any other Marvel film to date. There is no doubt that Guardians will likely stand the test of time. Guardians isn’t like Marvel’s other super-hero teams, and that is certainly a good thing.
Circumstances pit five heroes together as they must stop impending doom from destroying the entire galaxy. To be honest, this is not anything new. We have been across the universe, saving it in the process countless times already.
Fortunately, the overall writing is well done for all of the characters and their roles except for the main character, played by Chris Pratt. But even if one character is kind of rough, the overall cast works awesome together. The writing is also hilarious. Guardians can take you from laughing to weeping in a matter of seconds. Characters such as Groot (Bruce Willis), who only has one repeated line in the entire film, and Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper), literally a raccoon with rockets, keep the movie fresh and entertaining. The villains, side characters, and otherwise totally important characters are still as hilarious and colorful as the main cast as well.
The visuals and soundtrack of Guardians are both fantastic. The film looks and sounds great whether being experienced in 2D or 3D. The soundtrack is unique in the sense that each track is straight out of the 80s. Mind you, this is not simply a creative choice on the director’s part. The soundtrack actually has significant plot relevance. These booming tunes of yesteryear are always appropriately played and do not ruin action heavy or serious scenes.
Overall, Guardians is a fantastic release in a seemingly never ending swarm of Marvel films. With 20-something films expected to be released within the end of the decade, it is important to see this one, above all else. The blend of comedy, action, and story is something seldom seen done well in movies. Plus a soundtrack that is not all bass drops and “wubbing” is a lovely change as well. While it does have its faults, it is still a fantastic film. It is no doubt that Guardians will surely protect Marvel’s legacy for years to come.