Lucy: Spunky twist on superhero plotlines


Adeline Davis, Student Connection Editor

Batman underwent extensive martial arts training, Superman possessed Krypton blood, and Spiderman was simply bitten by a spider.
Compared to Lucy, these superheroes had easy transformations to their superhuman forms. Lucy, the main character in the Besson film, was handcuffed to a suitcase, forced into a drug deal, taken hostage by a group of angry Koreans, knocked out, and then had a mysterious blue packet inserted inside her. Add in the occasional sexual harassment and physical abuse Lucy receives in the process, and she wins for the most difficult beginning of a superhero. However, Lucy soon proves to be the most butt kicking superhuman being of them all.
The key to her butt kicking? The mysterious blue packet CPH4, enabling an ordinary human to access 100 percent of their brain capacity. Especially since the average human only uses 10 percent. As Lucy makes this nearly impossible mind transition, the film adds in invigorating action sequences which grow increasingly violent as Lucy gains more power.
The first few scenes of Lucy’s killing sprees are pretty overwhelming. However, in order for Lucy to access all 100 percent of her brain capacity, she must search down the three other drug mules who were also inserted with CPH4. Therefore, her actions become understandable and the audience finds themselves cheering for her gutsy spunk. Every move she makes is refreshingly strategic, controlling loaded weapons and levitating humans are simply tactics she uses to get what she wants.
Also refreshing was the absence of a major love interest. For once, film makers dared to make a female be a super hero and single, further emphasizing the girl empowerment. Due to the film’s sole focus on Lucy, her mission and character arc end up defining her, instead of the typical superhero mission of saving innocent lives and being a good Samaritan.
Thanks to daringly different story line, Lucy proves to be entertaining and mind blowing, leaving the audience awed by the time the credits started rolling. Scarlet Johansson gives a believable and emotionally raw performance, enabling the audience to experience the transformation alongside her. Film makers embrace the capacity of female strength, drawing Lucy a perfect character curve from weak and confused to utterly invincible.