Administration takes ice bucket challenge

Donations for ALS research taken at Friday football game


photo by Jacob Arthur

The administration takes part in the ice bucket challenge on Aug. 22.

Sophie Hill, HJO Editor-in-Chief

In a “chilling” turn of events, school administrators were the latest participants in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Aug. 22 in the amphitheater. They took part in the Internet trend after having been nominated by Lake Mary High School administration a few days ago.

“I’ve been challenged by so many people so I was going to do [the ALS Ice bucket challenged] anyway,” dean Nate Gierke said. “But because we got challenged by Mr. Kotkin at Lake Mary, who used to be an assistant principle here, [and] because it’s such a great cause, everybody was excited about doing it.”

The administrators, including Gierke, receptionists Carla Baird and Nellie Montecalvo, media assistants Kim Hackman and Peggie Hart, assistant principals Brian Blasewitz, and Christy Bryce and even principal Mary Williams, lined up in their distinctive black and grey camo shirts between fourth and seventh period and were doused by players on the varsity football team.

“It was nice to show that all the administration could come together and show support,” senior DJ Butler said. “I thought [the challenge] was a great way for us to show school spirit and help out a great organization.”

Not only did administration allow eight coolers of ice water to be dumped over their heads, but they accepted donations for the ALS Association that night at the football game against East River, and also plan to individually donate to the cause.

“We’re honored to have been challenged because it benefits such a great cause,” Gierke said. “[And] it was a great thing to do, especially today with it being the day of our first football game, because it got everyone charged up for tonight.