How we like that

Korean-pop group Blackpink makes history with an amazing new album.


photo by YG Entertainment

“The Album” was released on October 8, and contains 8 tracks featuring two other artists, Cardi B and Selena Gomez.

One of the most successful Korean-Pop music groups, Blackpink, released their newest album “The Album,” and it has taken the world by storm. Released on October 2, “The Album” is the all-girls group’s first full album following their 2018 Japanese mini repackaged album “Blackpink in Your Area.” 

Easily the best two songs were “How You Like That” and “Lovesick Girls.” Both songs are very fun and fast-paced, with the signature pop-EDM style Blackpink has become known for. With memorable lyrics and a beat makes anyone who listens to it want to get up and dance, it is quite clear why these two songs were chosen to be initially released as singles.

The rest of the songs in the album are alright, but nothing to write home about. “Bet You Wanna” (feat. Cardi B) is energetically fun and blends the style of Blackpink and Cardi B very well, while “Love To Hate Me” and “Crazy Over You” are mediocre songs to begin closing the album on. Overall, while enjoyable, these songs are relatively unmemorable and likely are not making a ton of “Liked Songs” Spotify playlists. 

Probably one of the most disappointing songs is, ironically, one of the most popular. “Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez)” is an obnoxious bubblegum-pop style song that does not feel like it fits with the rest of the album. Though the vocal talent is evident, the lyrics are shallow and repetitive, getting stuck in the listener’s head in an irritating way. The final song of the album, “You Never Know,” feels similar in its more upbeat style, but is a lot less irritating and a sweet finish to a good album. 

Overall, “The Album” is a beautiful collection of music that blends together nicely and has made history by making Blackpink the highest-charting Korean girl group, a well-deserved victory.