The education of teacher love

Haley Gaeser , Lifestyles Editor


When couples move in together and finally tie the knot, they expect to spend a lot of time with each other. Their usual daily routines intertwine and they figure out how to live their lives as husband and wife, but while most couples work separate jobs, there are the few that get to be together every step of the day, namely teachers.

Lauren and Brett Hamilton met through mutual friends after they both were already working at Hagerty. The two hit it off and got married a few years later. Since Lauren’s father was an English teacher like she was, and her mother was a PE coach like Brett, their marriage was meant to be.

Even though they work together, the Hamilton’s have different morning and afternoon schedules.

“We take separate cars to and from school because I take Baylor to his babysitter in the morning,” Brett said. “She likes to get to school as early as humanly possible.”

The two of them have learned over the years how to maintain a healthy work relationship. They fight like normal couples but are professional enough to never bring it out during school hours.

“Working together has strengthened our relationship. We always run ideas off of each other for inspiration,” Lauren said.

Around the same time the Hamiltons started teaching, the Malkoviches joined the Husky family too. Matt and Brandi grew up together in the small town of Benton, Ill. and became golf partners. They bonded by playing in tournaments with each other.

Matt knew since freshman year of high school that he always wanted to be a teacher, but Brandi’s sights were set on being a professional golfer. After her golfing career did not work out in Chicago, he convinced her to take a Biology job when there was an opening.

Although Matt has some prior knowledge of anatomy through Brandi’s job and by coaching, when it comes to certain aspects of it, he gets grossed out easily.

“After I gave birth, the first thing people asked when they called was not whether or not I was okay, but rather how Matt was,” Brandi said.

Matt also teaches AP Government, something that Brandi never liked. She is more scientific and just never had the desire to learn about social studies. However, Matt has the highest level of respect when it comes to her job as many students choose not to take anatomy due to it not being an AP class.

Like the Hamiltons and Malkoviches, Pam and Chas Lynch teach very different subjects: French and Computer Apps. While Pam is more artistic, Chas is the more technical and left-minded of the two.

“One of the perks is not needing to ask an IT guy for help because I can just ask my husband,” Pam said.

Spending time together is important for all married couples, but while Brett and Lauren barely see each other throughout the day, Brandi and Matt get to spend a lot of time together. They even call each other during class and out of the 180 days of school, they eat around 160 lunches together.

“If we were not here, there would be some days we would never see each other. She goes to bed at 8 p.m. every night and I consider her to be the oldest 32 year-old I know,” Matt said.

While the salary for teachers is not ideal, they do what they do for the vacation time they get and for the students. It is a type of job meant for a family person.

“If someone were to offer me an extra $10,000 for another job, I would turn them down. Money does not make me happy,” Brett said. “Spending time with her and my family does.”