Breathe through it


photo by Maggie Taylor

Junior Jacob Leggio wearing a mask during lunch on the first day of school.

An explosive sneeze erupts in the middle of the teacher’s lecture. Students instantly turn their heads to find the culprit with guilty eyes, wishing to be somewhere else. 

Droplets accidentally escaping your mouth from sneezing, coughing or talking is just one reason for the widespread COVID epidemic. But when you combine this with the seemingly innocent action of removing one’s mask to chat or to eat a snack during class, you runs the risk of infecting many others. 

Despite the repeated reminders from the principal and other administrators to keep our masks on, some continue to question the practice.  However, they are pointing out the obvious for the people that don’t seem to get it, no matter how many times they are repeatedly told. 

Wearing a mask is simple, almost as easy as pushing a button. Yet, people refuse to follow the clear instructions, confident that they are immune.This mindset is stupidity at its finest. It’s not hard to wear masks. They are easier than the alternative of depending on a ventilator for your life. If a mask fits properly, it does not need to be adjusted, so people need to wear them and stop complaining. Nobody is going around saying how they love masks, but people have accepted that it is what needs to be done and should continue doing that. 

Each person is entitled to their opinions; they are not, however, entitled to the lives and safety of others. By incorrectly wearing their masks, they cause not only themselves to be more vulnerable, but others as well.They may not even realize they have the virus if they are asymptomatic or presymptomatic, making it more of a threat. If people are not careful outside of school and bring the virus into school, then everyone could end up doing online learning. We could see all fall sports canceled, and maybe winter sports,too. We will be going back to how things were last spring with the whole family cramped under one roof and bored out of their minds. 

The past few months have been confusing, frustrating, and downright scary for many worrying about their jobs, rent or health. It is important to note that it all could have been avoided, yet due to the ignorance and poor behavior of many, we are still facing the consequences.

People choosing to incorrectly wear their mask or  not wearing them at all are taking stupid risks that affect the entire school. Help protect your family and those around you by wearing a mask properly and save us all the trouble of having a giant Q-tip shoved up our noses.