When I’m happy, I get flappy

Flappy Bird app infuriates yet entertains


Junior Kay Hammack begins playing Flappy Bird in the hallway during break. Many students used whatever time they had to play Flappy Bird, including during break, between classes, at lunch and in the bathroom.

Sabrina Leverett, Journalism 1

Ever wanted to chuck your phone at the wall? So did every other student because of the frustrating game, Flappy Bird.

While playing the game, the user taps on the screen to maneuver the bird in between the pipes. It may sound easy, but many students find it difficult.

Flappy Bird’s popularity happened overnight. One would think that with Flappy Bird’s difficulty level and people’s mixed reactions that it would not be s0 popular, but that is the reason why it was so famous.

However, on Feb. 5, the creator of Flappy Bird deleted the game everywhere, causing reactions that varied from disbelief to denial to mourning. People started doing anything to get the game, including selling iPhones with it downloaded.

Even with the game officially gone, people still played for their various reasons.

“I play because it really bothers me that I can’t get further,” freshman Lizzie Marvin said.

Other people, such as junior Megan Fernander, played because they enjoy the game.

“It’s just a really fun game,” Fernander said. “Even if the whole school wasn’t playing I would still play it.”

Feeling angry and frustrated both come with the download of Flappy Bird; it is commonly referred to as “life ruining.”

“It’s actually the worst thing that’s happened to me,” freshman Zach Delgado said.

Most people’s scores are under 10; if someone earns a score higher than that, they are considered a master of the game.

“I don’t understand how people can fit the stupid bird between the pipes,” sophomore Taylor Greyard, whose high score is one, said.

Many people who cannot get a high score take their frustration out on the bird, yelling mean names at it.

“I hate it but I keep playing because I need a higher score,” junior Isaac Sprang said.