Girls weightlifting defeats Lyman on senior night

On senior night the girls weightlifting team placed first in 12 of 14 weight classes, easily defeating Lyman on Thursday, Dec. 11.

With family members in attendance, the 11 seniors received goodie bags, sashes and flowers before the 4 p.m. match, and seniors shared post-graduation plans and favorite memories.

After the celebration, the team got down to business, and junior Emma Ducharme led off the competition in the 110-pound weight class with a 100-pound bench press and a clean and jerk of 135 pounds for a 235-pound total. DuCharme won the weight class for the team, earning them five points and starting the night off with momentum that would never stop.

In a match, first place for each class is awarded five points, second place is awarded three points, and third place is awarded one point.

The first senior to compete was in the 154-pound weight class. Abby Welling placed second with a bench press of 110 pounds and a clean and jerk of 110 pounds to finish with a 220-pound total. Sophomore Hali Fildes followed with a 125-bench press and 145 clean and jerk, winning the class.

Another first place came from Katy Enot, who competed in the 183-pound weight class. She finished with a 170-pound bench press and a 175-pound clean and jerk, finishing with a 345-pound total.

“All the girls supported each other, allowing us to put forth our best team effort,” Enot said.

After the 183-pound weight class, junior Karlie Marini led the 199-pound weight class with a personal best 150-pound bench press. She finished with a total of 320 pounds and also won first.

Senior Olivia Lipari also finished first with a bench press of 145 pounds and a total of 335 pounds, winning the 129-pound weight class.

“A lot of us were able to put up big numbers tonight, and we all had strong performances,” Lipari said.

In the final weight class, junior Haleigh D’Amico finished withba 135-pound bench press and a 275-pound total, earning the 12th win of the night for the team.

“Everyone performed amazingly, and we did a great job competing against Lyman,” senior Jillian Lawrenson said.

The team finishes the regular season at 4-1 and will next compete in the Seminole Athletic Conference championships on Jan. 8 at Winter Springs High School.