Boys soccer starts season on a hot streak

photo by Juliana Joyner
Goalie Ryan Schmitt makes against Seminole.

Going into the season, the boys soccer team never thought that seven games into the season they would only have one loss. 

Last year, many of the graduating seniors were good leaders and the team thought that it would be hard to replace them. But, players from every part of the field have stepped up and are big contributors to win after win. The chemistry seen on the field is one of a team that has been playing together and running the same plays for years. 

They have also maintained their four year winning streak against Oviedo, which is of big importance to the team.  They have beat them twice, going 1-0 on Nov. 22nd and 3-1 on Dec. 6th. 

Their six game lucky streak can be attributed to the team dynamic and chemistry shown on the field. 

“Good communication in the back and hard work in the middle.” is what Defender Andres Montez believes is the most impactful to the team and what leads to numerous goals. 

Team captain and forward Randy McClean credits the quality playing to the overall frame of mind of the entire team. 

“Our mentality has been very good. We’ve been very focused going to every game and we’ve played hard even if the team might have been more skilled than us,” McClean said. 

“We put in the work to make sure that we were able to get the results out.” 

McClean himself averages 0.6 assists and 0.4 goals per game and other team captain Parker Wickizer averages 0.5 assists and 0.7 goals. 

Many of the teammates agree that the strong attack by strikers is a big factor to the team’s success.  Forwards Parker Wickizer, Brandon Seymour, and Randy McClean are credited with the team’s wins.

“I think up top with myself and Parker has really been able to help us because that’s a little bit of chemistry [on the field] that we have left over from the years prior,” McClean said. 

Goalkeeper Ryan Schmitt, as of December 12th has 46 saves, the most in the district. He averages 7.7 saves per game.

Schmitt feels that the teamwork on the field also comes from personal history most of the players have. 

“Everyone is good friends and most of us have played together before,” said Schmitt. 

“We are pretty in sync now.” 

Even though Schmitt has proven himself as a keeper, defense is a key factor in any game.   “Leadership from [defenders] Scott [Beliech] and Joe [Paccione] in the back helps us to play cohesively,” says McClean.

Up until the game against Trinity Prep on the 11th, the boys were undefeated for the season, with a 4-0-2 record. 

Midfielder and team captain Brandon Adams thinks of the loss as a humbling experience.

“It’s actually a good thing that we lost so we don’t just focus on trying to stay undefeated,” Adams said.  

The boys have nothing but good feelings and lots of hope for the rest of the season. 

“No matter what we do this season it’s just winning one day at a time.” says Montez.