Disney Plus is a plus


photo by Disney Plus

The Disney Plus logo features the classic magical ‘shoosh’ seen over the castle in the opening credits of every production.

As a kid, no one thinks that watching their favorite Disney Channel shows and movies is limited. Sophomore Olivia Caruso did not think about it as she sung along to Lemonade Mouth and memorized the choreography to High School Musical as a 6 year old. The same childlike feeling overwhelmed her when she was able to rewatch these movies after her family subscribed to Disney Plus last week. 

With Disney Plus, everyone can relive those moments anywhere and anytime they want. 

The new streaming app Disney Plus was launched Tuesday, Nov. 12. Passing ten million subscribers launch day, the dominant feeling viewers have while using the new app has nostalgia, taking them back to the times where they could play outside and not constantly worry about school. 

“It brings back childhood memories since we don’t have a VHS  anymore, which is what we used to watch original Disney movies on,” junior Sacha Gilbert said. 

Disney Plus not only features Disney productions, but productions from the studios they own such as Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. It allows access to many shows and movies that cannot be streamed on other apps, including Netflix, and it is available at $7 per month. Verizon has partnered with Disney to offer their Unlimited plan users Disney Plus for free the first year. 

As a new streaming service, Disney Plus has been in competition with Netflix and Hulu users due to Disney’s rights to so many hit shows and movies. 

Similar to Netflix and Hulu, Disney Plus creates exclusive movies and shows that are only available on their platform such as “The Mandalorian” and “Lady and the Tramp” (2019). The new “Lady and the Tramp” movie is a remake of the original animation, almost scene for scene but includes alternative perspectives to the original. This is a similar concept to the recent “The Lion King” and “Aladdin” movies Disney has released. 

“Although [Lady and the Tramp] is a new movie, it made me nostalgic of the times I watched it with my mom when I was 4 or 5,” sophomore Kat Bell said. 

The easy access to a wide variety of content that pleases anyone using Disney Plus is was the reason many people downloaded it the day of the release. From the short films and classic movies to the new shows and originals, endless hours of entertainment are available at the fingertips of any kid or adult in this time.

Disney Plus has the same formatting as other streaming networks, but has categorized movies and TV shows to their respective networks such as Disney, Marvel and Pixar. The interface is organized which makes it easy to navigate and find exactly what viewers are looking for. But there are still flaws viewers notice, considering it was just launched. 

“When you are watching a show and stop, when you go back and hit play again it starts you back from episode one and not the one you left off at,” Caruso said. 

Disney has been able to create another fan-pleasing product, and aims to provide everyone with the productions of their childhood while promoting their new content for the future as they deliver new films to the platform.