Stout’s departure leaves questions for spring musical

With the departure of theater teacher Anne Stout, everyone is asking questions. Will there still be a spring musical? Will the department change? Will the theater class itself be different? While the loss of Stout has impacted many, administration is working on finding someone new to fill the void.

Victoria Rathbun, while new, has been chosen to fill in for Stout for the musical until a new teacher is hired. As the chorus teacher, Rathbun is suited to temporarily take over the musical, since the show revolves around its music.

“I’m stepping in as the intern director until we get a new one, as administration is working diligently to hire someone who is a good fit for the theater position,” Rathbun said.

Auditions for the musical were still scheduled to take place during finals week, and despite the sadness that many theater students are feeling, they are looking towards the future.

“Everything is still going to go as planned,” senior Brittney Hill said. “We are all still excited for the musical.”

Until a new teacher is hired, Mrs. Lloyd is filling in as the substitute for the theater classes. She will remain the substitute until winter break.

“Stout was a very fantastic teacher who [the students] were really attached to. It was just like losing a friend,” Rathbun said.

The only thing left to do is wait until the new teacher has been hired, but as far as theater goes, there will be no drastic changes.