Theater students take center stage for Crucible


photo by Maggie Taylor

Sophomore Olivia Martin and freshman Lily Joseph practice lines for Joseph’s upcoming audition. She ended up landing the part of Mary Warren.

Junior Kelsey Curley walked on stage, electrified and ready to deliver her monologue. Nervous and excited, she gave it all she could, performing “Nell’s Monologue” from Like Dreaming, Backwards. A monologue not from a character in the play, but at random, just like all the other students auditioning. 

The drama department is producing Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible, which transports the audience to 1692, during the Salem witch trials. Puritans in Salem, Massachusetts burned and persecuted “witches,” who went against the teachings of the church. 

Auditions for The Crucible were held on Aug. 20-21, in the auditorium after school. The play was highly anticipated, and 46 students auditioned, with many more applying for crew positions. (final cast list)

Thirty-five of the students who auditioned got callbacks and 20 of them secured roles. Sophomore Andy Ayup was among the students who got called back to audition. He ended up landing the role of Reverend Parris.

“I was very excited and pleasantly surprised to find the role I had gotten, auditioning is a huge part of theater,” said Ayup.

The performance is set for Nov. 7-9, and theater students are enthusiastic.

“I’m really excited to see how the show comes out. Everybody is so passionate about what they’re doing, we truly love it,” said sophomore Olivia Martin, a member of the costume crew and Thespian Troupe 6885.

Rehearsals began on Monday, Aug. 26 and all who contribute to the show are expected to attend the following practices until the final production in November.