Our Take: An open letter to the principal

In the two weeks since you have arrived, we have given you a warm welcome and showed you a little bit of what being part of our school is really like. For us, these past days have been great since we have gotten to interact with you and get an idea of who you are. In a short time, you have put in maximum effort, we see and we appreciate it. But, we know being part of such a large school has not been easy. We understand that getting to really the school and the student body is a challenge and we want to helps. So, we came up with the three things that are most important to Hagerty. Three things you are already doing, and we hope you will continue to do for as long as you are here.

1- Be present

We have seen you everywhere, from lacrosse games to lunches to a robotics banquet. As a school know we appreciate your presence, and the effort you make to be there does not go unnoticed. It is a pleasant surprise to see you standing at the front entrance every morning, see you wish students good luck as they enter the room for their AP exams and even just a quick walk around the lunch room has been a refreshing experience. So far, all of this has been great. We know being present in in a broad-spectrum of school activities is hard and takes effort, but we hope this effort continues.

2- Be personable

In your 100-day plan you mentioned building relationships as one of your biggest goals for the school. And in the short time you have been here, you have already taken big steps to accomplish this. The first week of your arrival, we saw you come up to various students, introduce yourself and ask about their day. You not only did this every day your first week, but you have also kept it up. Seeing a friendly face after school, interacting with us and making us feel like we can approach you at any time is a big step to accomplishing your goal. We can not wait to see more. In fact, maintaining this personable and friendly personality is the key to build stronger relationships, and it will make an impact in our life.

3- Encourage us

School spirit here has been great at times and missing at others and one of our goals is to grow student morale. Sometimes we feel restricted when it comes to showing support for our school. We have also always pushed for more pep-rallies. Every year, it is disappointing for students to hear the few pep-rallies that will be held. Because of this, we appreciate the effort you made to visit leadership and discuss ways to better our school spirit. We look to you to help grow our energy, and most importantly, we want you to encourage this energy and not let it go to waste.

We know it’s been hard to come in the middle of the year and trying to get to know every aspect of a large school is hard. But, what we have seen from you so far has been reinvigorating. The effort you are putting in to take action, show up and lift us up is admirable. But, we want to see you keep this going. You have showed change in only two weeks and we are excited to see what the next few years has in store for us.