Sleepy Moon Café not worth the travel

After a long drive towards Winter Park you end up at an old strip mall, and nestled into the side of the building, a small chalkboard sign greets you with “Sleepy Moon Café” written in pink chalk, adding to the small business feel.

Unlike other cafés, Sleepy Moon offers free coffee refills, giving it the perfect appeal for local students, and the friendly staff gives it a happy and chill feel. This and the artsy manner of the place are the things separating this café from large chains like Panera and Starbucks.

The art and aura of the café envelops you immediately; paintings cover the walls, depicting anything from mermaids to the joker. The mismatched tables and chalkboard menu continue its hipster meets grunge vibe, bringing it to an artistic maximum.

The menu, however,  is basically the same as any other chain Café. The coffee is mediocre, offering few choices like the common espresso shots and frappes. The hot chocolate is not recommended, made of just warmed milk and chocolate syrup. It’s more of warm chocolate milk than anything else.

The menu also is comprised of many things that can be made at home such as nutella and apples, but the panini’s on the menu are gourmet and delicious, melted feta cheese with tomatoes and basil is the best. Like most cafes though, the menu changes commonly and makes the seasonal favorites a guessing game.

The food is good and the artsy feel is inviting, but it’s best not to waste the gas. It’s easier and more cost effective to just to go to your neighborhood Starbucks. If students are up to the drive, the café is open until 5 p.m. on Monday and until 10 p.m. the rest of the week.