Oblivious to the injured

Haley Gaeser , Lifestyles Editor

The injured. They are everywhere. Everywhere I look, there they are, and now, what is worse is that I have become one.

Being injured is not fun. Students don’t care if you are injured, as they still feel the need to run into you wherever you go: the stairs, the hallway, the parking lot. You name it and it has occurred.

Plus, whenever these hurt individuals need to use an elevator, there are uninjured students coming out of them.

Just the other day I went to use the elevator and it was taking forever. There I was, crutches in hand, waiting for the doors to open and eventually they did. The only issue was that once it opened, a bunch of laughing girls came out. I was barely able to stand and these girls were clearly not injured. I stood there with my mouth wide open in shock. When they finally noticed my presence they stopped laughing and quickly walked away.

The only good thing about being injured is that people carry your belongings and if you are late to class, you have the perfect excuse. With so many of us, this occurs quite a lot. The day one kid gets off crutches, another one comes limping in with them the next day. However, a lot of them do not even come from traumatic incidents. I mean, I got injured due to a falling table.

The next time you see someone on crutches, do not stare or watch them sadly limp by. Be considerate and consciously aware of them because they have feelings just like everyone else.