Girls lacrosse wins Fall Ball championship


Matilda von Kalm, Editor-in-Chief

On the Saturday morning of Nov. 23, the Hagerty girls varsity lacrosse team, under their club name of Pack Black, got up for their first 11 a.m. game at the Oviedo Mall fields for the fall season championship. They continued on to beat Wintersprings 17-3, Oviedo 9-6 and Bishop Moore 12-11 for the first place trophy, the first time championship win ever in the girl’s lacrosse program.

“It was surreal,” attack player junior Anna Tamayo said. “The last game ended and we just started screaming and jumping and hugging each other.”

The girl’s also had another first that day; a win against rival Oviedo High School. The past spring season was the first time the Hagerty girls lacrosse team had lost to Oviedo by less than ten points, with the previous games leading up to the championship closing that gap.

“The Oviedo girls didn’t think we could beat them, and they were always really cocky around our team,” defense player Claire Spear said. “Now they should be afraid.”

Pack Blue, the junior varsity level of Hagerty’s girls lacrosse team, ended their fall season with a 15-3 win against Wintersprings High School and a 13-2 win against Lake Mary High School, but lost in the Championship to Oviedo High School 7-11.