Andrea Izaguirre, 9 – Waverlee Woods


photo by Andrea Izaguirre

Freshman Andrea Izaguirre’s fence gets blown away by the hurricane. Izaguirre’s house had the most damage in the first floor sinceit was flooded

Freshman Andrea Izaguirre and her family did not expect the hurricane to be serious, causing them to not worry about major problems such as flooding, a decision they regretted. After the hurricane passed and the curfew was lifted, Izaguirre saw the damage. From flooding in the first floor caused by broken windows, broken door-locks, as well as chandeliers and a blown away fence, Izaguirre and her family experienced challenges while recovering from Irma. Izaguirre realized that her hard-wood floors would have to be redone because of the water damage, new windows would have to be installed, and back walls knocked out because of water causing them to fall apart.

“We are going to take recovery one step at the time,” Izaguirre said. “We are going to take care of the floors and the widows which are the most important and then fix the fence last.”