Shawn Mendes “Illuminates” our hearts


The cover of the latest album by singer/songwriter Shawn Mendes.

Sweet and complete are two words that can sum up Illuminate, the newest album released by singer/songwriter Shawn Mendes, the album, came out Sept. 23 and has had fan raving about it ever since it dropped.

The 18-year-old artist has been successful from his first album Handwritten with songs like “Life of the Party” and “Stitches” taking over the radio.

However, he really makes a name for himself through his second album, Illuminate with hits such as “Treat You Better” and “Mercy.”

For such a young artist, Mendes seems to have the concept of love and heartbreak down to a science. Although songs such as “Ruin” and “Roses” repeat themes of trying to get the girl and falling in love, these ideas never fail to make teenage girls swoon.

His strong suit are his lyrics that are catchy and kind, they are another reason why he is so successful.

In the song “Hold On” Mendes sings about the relationship between him and his father; a fresh feel compared to his romantic love songs. It conveys the message: someone will always be there for you no matter what the circumstance.

Even a healthy self-to-self relationship is demonstrated in his song “Understand,” where he just wants to grow up but not lose himself in the process. This song is unique, thanks to its soul feel. In the middle of the song he conveys a message that in maturity, there will be struggles, but just go with it. During this part, he stops singing and just speaks. It gave a personal touch, as if he was talking directly to listeners.

His kind words and smooth lines keep his sound consistent-in a cute, young teenage boy way. Mendes has a charm that teenage girls look for, which is what sets him apart from other young artists like Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone. We only hope that Mendes will stay out of the illegal incidents that other musicians have gotten tangled up in.

Illuminate has catchy beats that get stuck in your head, but also lyrics that stick with you. For example, in the song “Honest” when he says, “you deserve more than I can promise.” This line is paired with a fast beat and a high pitch that creates a nice combination. This break up song, doesn’t seem sad, rather sounds so sweet and considerate.

Illuminate displays Mendes’ range of beats, concepts and ideas as he grows into an adult and an artist. His first hit “Something Big” was completely accurate when it said “Something big is happening”; this album is his “something big.”