It’s a crime to miss ‘Only Murders in the Building’


photo by imdb

Released on Aug. 31, “Only Murders in the Building” follows a trio of true crime lovers trying to solve a murder in their building. Available on Hulu.

Living where a murder occurred is one thing, but living with a murderer sounds like the perfect time to move. Unless, of course, you are Mabel Mora (Selena Gomez), Charles-Haden Savage (Steve Martin) or Oliver Putnam (Martin Short)—then it is an opportunity you cannot pass up. 

Hulu original “Only Murders in the Building” was initially released on Aug. 31, and has since released a new episode every Tuesday. The show follows true crime junkies Mabel, Charles-Haden and Oliver as they come to realize they are stuck in their own murder mystery. 

Throughout each episode, viewers are given more and more information on the characters’ past, slowly exposing them for who they truly are. Lies untangle and leave the audience wondering: why are they trying to hide their pasts from each other when a killer is on the loose? 

One strength of the series is that viewers understand the characters and their motives a little better each episode, such as why Mabel is so secretive, why Oliver wants to make a podcast and why Charles always relies on his past acting experience. Each piece helps advance the plot and leads one step closer to the killer’s true identity. 

Although “Only Murders in the Building” is overall classified as mystery, the writers somehow managed to turn the show into a comedy. Through the antics and general chemistry of the characters, ridiculous or strenuous situations become funny, making it a show you can watch with your family for a good laugh. 

No matter what you find out and what you think you know, every episode comes with a surprise. There is never a dull moment, and each episode leaves viewers anticipating what will happen next.

Whether it is being left with a new clue or a secret being exposed, viewers will learn that in order to hunt this killer they will need to be open-minded and always expect the unexpected, because no one is who they say they are and nothing is what it seems.