Theater to present a ‘Couple’ of plays


photo by Margaret Taylor

Male lead, Oscar, played by junior Jake Lippman, rehearses the scene where his daughter and ex-wife call him during a poker game.

Jessica Maldonado, Lifestyles Editor

The final scene of “The Odd Couple” ends with Olive, played by senior Catherine Jackson, and Florence, played by senior Cassidy Smith, screaming at each other until Florence throws linguini at a wall.

 “The final scene is the funniest and my favorite,” Jackson said.

‘Odd’ moments are in the norm in the theater department, who will be performing the “Odd Couple” which will be on Nov. 8-10 starting at 7p.m. in the auditorium. They will be performing two different versions, the male lead on one night, the female lead on the other night, and both on the last night.

The “Odd Couple” came out originally in 1965 as a play, with a male lead. In 1985, Neil Simon made a second version but with a female lead. Shortly after the play, in 1968, a film was premiered of a male version of “The Odd Couple.”

In both versions, the male lead (Oscar) and the female lead (Olive) get divorced and move in with a best friend (Felix and Florence) who also had gotten divorced. One is neurotic, likes everything clean, while the other one is a complete mess. Even though in both versions they argue a lot, the male and female lead become very strong and overcome some very hard obstacles.

The characters and the setup of the play will be the same as the film. Even the overall lesson of the play will be the same.

“The main thing that we are trying to show and something that is showed in the film is how two people can hurt their relationship when their egos are involved,” Lippman said. “[It’s about] learning to live with other people but also with yourself.”

Auditions took place in the beginning of September and were bit different than past years. Instead of getting to prepare before, students were given lines the day they had to audition, known as a cold read. Theater teacher Jamaal Solomon did it this way to see if the role was natural to the students who auditioned and to see if they fit right into it.

“[Auditions] were scary because we didn’t know what we’re going to be reading,” junior Marcelo Felix, who will be playing the role of Felix and of Manolo, said. “However, I knew a little bit about the character and I understood a bit of how the play worked, so it was alright once I actually got there, and I felt pretty confident after.”

This play is the first of many to come in the school year, and along with have technically two plays, the audience can learn valuable lessons.

“It’s about friendship and about growing as people,” Solomon said. “Oscar and Olive both grow as people because they were broken and suicidal in the beginning, but at the end they both become stronger.”